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    How Does Acupuncture Work? 


    When the human body system is optimized and in full balance it has the amazing ability to naturally heal itself over time.

    Pain is a symptom of an underlying condition that develops if external or internal elements disrupt the balance of what is known as the meridian network within the internal body. 

    When disrupted, each organ connected to the meridian line(s) compensates by either becoming under-functional or over-functional, which causes internal stress and eventually leads to disease and illness.

    If left untreated, these conditions can eventually become chronic and much more difficult to treat as time passes.

    Acupuncture is an holistic approach that addresses both the root cause of a sickness and any external factors that may be involved. It stimulates acu-points along the meridian lines to clear away any blockages and regulate the flow of Chi Energy to promote the healing process.

    The meridian network is now able to communicate with each other effectively, working in harmony to achieve optimized balance and to restore the body back into full health.

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