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  • Coping With Sciatica: Tips on Short-Term and Long-Term Relief

  • If you’re familiar with sciatica, you’re well aware of how difficult it can be to deal with such an affliction. The searing, shooting pain experienced by sufferers is impossible to ignore. The ailment occurs because a nerve is inflamed due to injury. It’s a symptom rather than an actual condition, which means it can difficult to find a method of relief that works well for everybody.

    With that said, there are ways to soothe the discomfort, as this type is far more common than you might think. Many people have found and shared various solutions. Trying one of these treatment options may provide you with the relief that you need and desire.

    A good massage can help treat the condition at the source. The sciatic nerve runs through the back and the buttocks, which means reducing tension and promoting blood circulation in this area can provide a great deal of alleviation in discomfort. You may want to start seeing a masseuse regularly.

    Switching between hot and cold is a great way to get rid of muscle tension, and it’s also a great way to reduce the nerve pain as blood flow increases in that area. Apply an ice pack to the affected area, then follow it up with some kind of heating pad. The relief you get should be instantaneous. If desired, you can buy packs at any drugstore that will give you the hot and cold sensations that your muscles crave.

    Most people who suffer from sciatica resort to taking painkillers. Focus on medications that will reduce inflammation and muscle tension, such as ibuprofen and aspirin. These pills will be able to do much more than other types of painkillers will. If you have access to prescription painkillers, use them in moderation.

    Pain-relieving gels can also be a big help. Analgesics can help relax your stiff, stressed muscles while blocking pain receptors. For many, the effectiveness these gels provide is faster than the that provided by standard painkillers. Look for gels that contain menthol as these will provide you with more benefits.

    If you’re looking for an immediate solution, losing weight is a poor option. However, if you’re significantly overweight and looking for long-term relief, slimming down is one of the best things you can do. Extra weight places pressure on both your lower body and your back muscles. When you reduce the amount of extra weight you’re carrying, that pressure is reduced, which means you’ll experience significant relief. In fact, exercise is another great way to gain long-term relief, so the improvement you experience may be quite dramatic.

    If you want to reduce the discomfort through exercise, you’ll need to work the right parts of the body. Your goal should be to create a balance of strength throughout your entire body. For example, if your abdominal muscles are weak, your back muscles will have to support the weight they normally would. That leads to a lot of discomfort. Focus on working your weakest core muscles, and you should experience a great deal of relief.

    Cardiovascular exercise can also be quite helpful. It can help you lose weight, but it can also help make muscles all over the body stronger, which will decrease instances of sciatic discomfort. It’s a good idea to choose low-impact exercises that won’t exacerbate the discomfort you already experience. Walking is a very good option. If you’re experiencing a great deal of discomfort, don’t feel like you need to push yourself. Give your body the rest it needs, then go back to low-impact exercises when you’re up to them.

    Simple relaxation exercises can also go a long way towards releasing muscle stress. You’ve probably noticed that when you have a hard day, your sciatica can be far more severe. Stress has a negative effect on muscles in the body, and you need an easy way to reduce that. Otherwise, you can experience days or even weeks worth discomfort on your body. Simple stretches, deep breathing exercises, and meditating can all be very helpful. Best of all, you can do relaxation exercises even on days you don’t feel up to actual exercise.

    Many doctors are reluctant to prescribe painkillers to people who are dealing with sciatica. However, if you can find some of the sources of your discomfort, they may be able to prescribe medication that will treat that. For example, if you’re also struggling with depression, it can be difficult to get the exercise you need. Treating that will allow you to do the things you need to do in order to work towards pain relief. If you struggle with anxiety, the right medication can reduce your stress, and reduce your sciatica in the process.

    Finding other ways to reduce the stress placed on your body is also a good idea. For example, a back support aid can make it far easier to get through a day of work. These little things may not seem like much, but they go a long way.

    Sciatica can be incredibly difficult to live with. The pain is extreme, and the lack of treatment options can be incredibly frustrating. Finding methods of quick relief as well as ways to help reduce the long-term discomfort is crucial. No one should have to live in fear of sciatic nerve pain. Take the steps you need to keep sciatica from taking over your life.

    It has been shown that acupuncture is a natural method of managing sciatica and can significantly help relieve the nerve pain by clearing the meridian blockages and increasing blood flow to the affected area.

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